Hi! My name is Taylor Darnell-Sibal, I am an Entrepreneur Ventures meets Corporate. You don't know what that means? I kind of made it up, because I am more than a one-entrepreneur-fits-all. I do what I want, I learn what I want, and I take action. In life, in love, in career. 

Now - some of my aspirations are to continually grow with education, sustainability, health, and family. Growing and mediating in my garden. Learning how to talk with my chickens. Aligning my health for myself, my family, and my future kids with lifestyle decisions. Other aspirations are become emersed in entrepreneurship, make ventures, and help others with theirs. 

No matter what I have going on everything I do always resorts back to sustainability. Driving less, renting clothes, reusable anything, and living a life that is meant for me, and hopefully aligns well with you