First Week With Chicks

For those who don't know, I am now a Chicken Mom. My husband, Adam, has called me Chicken for a few years now because of my love for animals and chickens.

Funny: "Look at all these chickens." is my favorite You-Tube video of all time.

After learning and really becoming knowledgable of chickens through books, neighbors, and an online community I decided what better time than now to get chickens. I have extra time and help (husband is working from home) to really give extra love to these chicks.

I did some searching on where I wanted to buy my chicks from, I chose a certified chicken farm called SeaBreeze Hens near Galveston, TX. The owners, one being Melinda, are amazing, allowing the return of Roosters since its illegal in Houston City Limits. Also I know the breed I want - is the breed I will get, which is important for any first time chicken owner.

We adopted/bought 2 chicks, you'll hear a lot about Chicken Math when starting your chicken journey which essentially means for every chick you buy you'll want more HAHA.

MY BREEDS: (1) Australorp: beautiful black feathers, can stand the Houston heat, calm and sweet this was so important since we have a toddler, and they lay up to 280 eggs a year. AMAZING! (1) Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock): Seriously a beautiful cool looking chicken with white and black feathers, can stand the Houston heat, mellow and sweet: they are a top "pet" chicken, and they lay up to 250 eggs a year. YAY! Advice: 2 extremely knowledgable chicken owners gave me the advice to mix up the breeds, that it's so fun to have a variety - that's what I did! THE COOP:

Adam is a chemical engineer, he went to an engineering school in Golden, Colorado and loves to build over buy anytime he gets the chance. So I knew the way to make him build my dream coop was to tell him I could pay someone to do it or buy one online. Buying online: is so easy, they range from $100-300 for a regular coop that holds about 3-4 chickens. This one has amazing reviews! However, I wanted a dual purpose coop. I wanted it to be for these chickens obviously but I also wanted it to be for me. A place I love to go out to, make cleaning easier, look like a little home shed - esthetics mean a lot to me and after buying our dream home I want to truly enjoy every aspect of this new undertaking and these new pets. Also my needs were to have storage space, easy to walk into, and be an extension of our sustainable garden. Again, buying online is so easy but I am so excited that Adam designed my dream coop and is in the building process! THE FIRST WEEK: The first week has already been a wild ride. We are learning about Shark and Tuna (our chicks) while also giving them the space to not feel anxiety in their new home. This is pretty crucial in their adjustment period. We have started accompanied outdoor time for 10-20 minutes letting them get used to the backyard while we ensure their safety. Then they go back into their brooder aka their box in our little side room in the kitchen. WHAT WE USED START: - plastic bin: (they say about a foot per chick) our box is about 3X2 feet - hanging feeder: (3qt to not take up too much room) - fount waterer: (also not large enough to take up too much room) - brooder lamp: watch the clamp - red heat light bulb - cedar shavings: there are a lot of options with bedding but after research cedar shavings work the best for our lifestyle they help eliminate odor and are compostable. Pretty cool! - starter food: we spent a little more on an organic starter feed If you have any questions feel free to message me! you can follow along more @taylordarnell **affilated links

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