Framing Flowers DIY

Have you ever had flowers that you truly wanted to save, you've tried different techniques and none have really done the job correctly enough that 1. the colors stayed and 2. the shape stayed?

Here is a simple (2 weeks and 12 hour) but seriously pretty simple process that you can frame keepsake flowers!

The flowers I'm using are from my husband, Adam, to our daughter, Camila, for Valentine's Day. These are her first flowers from her Dad. Providing a keepsake like this for Camila is something I know she can look back on decades from now and hold this near and dear to her heart AND will look amazing in any space.

Gather these things before the flowers are dead and still hold their color....

Items you will need for Step 1

  • Flowers

  • Paper Towels

  • Salt

  • Large Book


  1. Get paper towels, roll out a foot length, and lay flat on a table

  2. Arrange the flowers along the paper towel leaving about .5-1.5 inches on all sides

  3. After you are done arranging sprinkle some salt on top of the flowers this is the secret my cousin, Claire, shared with me to help maintain their shape

  4. Get another paper towel, roll out a foot and a half, and lay on top of flowers Why second paper towel? To not ruin the book you are about to place on top of it, mainly to soak up any excess moisture.

  5. Find a large book and place on top of the towel

Give the flowers 2 weeks to press. If you are like me, I wanted to look plenty of times but kept saying no this is going to be worth the 2 week process.

Wait 2 weeks: check back for Step 2

Items you will need for Step 2

  • Frame

  • Background Paper

  • Glue (transparent when dried)

  • KEEP! the paper towels you used to press the flowers down in Step 1

  • Keep the book around

Step 2:

  1. Gently take the book and the paper towels off the flowers

  2. Now the flowers will be a bit sticky but still loose make sure to have your supplies ready to go

  3. Make sure the background paper fits the frame correctly, if there is a liner on your picture frame use that for reference so you do not go out of bounds.

  4. Slowly start assembling flowers from paper towel on top background paper

  5. Give yourself the nod of approval "ya that looks good"

  6. Carefully take each flower and place the glue on the back/side you don't want shown. (for me this took looking at both sides and deciding which one held the most color, and the shape I liked most)

  7. Place the newly glued flower onto the background paper.

  8. Repeat step 6 & 7 until all flowers have been glued and placed down

  9. Wait 5-10 minutes so the glue isn't as runny

  10. After 5-10 minutes take the paper towels you used to press the flowers and lay them back on top of the flowers

  11. Place the book back on top of the paper towels (I also placed the back of the picture frame on top of the flowers just for some extra 'press')

  12. Wait 12 to 24 hours (pending on glue)

wait 12-24 hours: check back for Step 3

YAY final step and this one is pretty easy!

Step 3:

  1. Gently remove the back of the frame, the book, and the paper towels from the pressed flowers.

  2. Get a partner to hold each side of the background paper (which now has the glued pressed flowers on it and the frame liner and carefully place inside of the frame!

  3. Close up the frame!!


It's such a process but extremely worth the final outcome!!

If you use this method tag me on Instagram or send me a picture so I can see your work!

Want to make one but don't have the time - I can do it for you!

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