Transitioning Away From Plastic

My transition from Plastic not to Paper but too Reusables!

A little over a year ago, I was going through my cabinet specifically for a plastic bag to use for a random piece of trash. The entire stash fell out and I spent 10 minutes trying to reorganize it. Thinking to myself, "I have literally only used 1 of these bags and the rest have been sitting here for months." That is when I decided to make the switch too reusables. Ya it wasn't for environmental purposes - I'll be honest - it was for peace of mind. Through this journey it has awoken a part of me that strives to be sustainable in all things. I feel it will help you too, even if you don't think so right away.

When I first started researching I figured I would forget to get the bags out of my trunk or worse at my house and then this would have been a wasted effort but then I decided I was going to order the bags and just TRY it. If I couldn't do it I ordered from a company that offers a buyers back guarantee. Win, Win. If I didn't use the bags, the company would get their unused product returned and I would get my money back. ORDERED.

I will tell you right now, the first time using I forgot the bags inside of my house. HAHA. I got in the car drove down the street, realized I forgot them BY THE DOOR, drove back.

Went to the grocery store, shopped my list, went to the cashier. This was my second worry, how was the cashier going to react? Were they going to cheer on my effort or shrug at having to see me unload the bags, and then reload the bags.

I HAVE NEVER ENCOUNTERED ANY cashier who shrugged me off. It's like a second nature to them. Reusable? Cool. Moving on with their day. If this is stopping you, don't let it.

Then what I never expected in my life - I can fit meats. cheeses, eggs, milk, nuts, an enormous amount of food in 2 bags. That means what? The walk from the car to my kitchen is the best. Pick up my 2 bags no need to try and stack 6 plastic bags on one arm. 2 bags, I'm inside, unpacking, and then the part you can not forget TAKE THE BAGS BACK TO YOUR TRUNK. It becomes a routine but the first few times it's dire you do this so that it becomes a second nature for you to unpack and return.

Best part of ALL fo this, you save for every reusable bag at my favorite grocery store Whole Foods. Which means making this a habit, getting rewarded there, I get these bags free after my use of them.

It didn't fit perfect with my lifestyle, I had to make transitions to remember and include it, but now it comes naturally.

This is the perfect way to start your Reduced Plastic transition and towards eliminating single use plastic bags.

Where am I at now with my sustainability lifestyle? I'll take you through it step-by-step but we have cut a ton of plastic out of our lifestyle. From reusable veggie bags, reusable ziplock bags, no water bottles, and storage glassware to name a few.


- Insulated 2 Pack

- Non-Insulated 5 Pack

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