Week Two With Two Chicks

Week 2 with chicks is in the books!

This week has been filled with outdoor time, getting educated more on my chickens, finishing design aspects of the inside of our coop, and allowing Tuna and Shark to become more comfortable with us (my husband, toddler daughter, and myself).

Things I learned week 2:

  • Chickens love the tops of your strawberries

  • Use a 2 inch object (we used wood) as a tray for the water and food. This will help so their bowls stay clean from the bedding

  • Plan to clean out the brooder every 2 days

  • They love to forage in the yard! It's so fun and cute to watch. I can not emphasize enough the importance of supervised outdoor timeo. It will help both you and the chicks get more comfortable together

  • It takes about 2 weeks for the chicks to start warming up to you

Toddler with chickens... this was a big concern. Will she fall on them? Will she get a disease from them? How can I ensure my daughter’s health and the health of our new animals. The simple answer - be extremely hygienic and supervision. I touched based on it last month, wash hands before and after handling and keep hand santizier on you. My daughter loves to put hands (anything) in her mouth. Thats top priority. Next is what I emphasized, supervised outdoor time. My daughter will run at the chicks and I am around to guide her down to them, around them, and even away from them. As weeks go on I know my daughter will get more comfortable, as will I.

Introducing the dogs to the chickens.... outside of the brooder! This will happen week 3, since the chicks are growing I AM ready. Our dogs have seen the chickens in the kitchen everyday in the brooder. We did this to allow the pups to become more familiar with the new animals around. When we first brought the chicks in the dogs did NOT want to leave the kitchen, now it's as if the chickens don't even exist HAHA. We will see how it goes!

Finally, Adam got all 4 walls of the coop up this weekend. It looks amazing. Both of our parents have referred to it as a a Chicken Mansion (for only 2 chickens) but it really looks spectacular for our backyard. I am very excited for the room they will have, the storage I will have for their goods, and how cute it will look in our yard.

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