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Taylor Darnell-Sibal at Tailor Digital Strategies

Hi! My name is Taylor Darnell-Sibal, I am an Entrepreneur Venturer meets Corporate Millennial. I am more than a one-career-path-fits-all. I take action. In life, in love, in career. 

Now - let's get to it - I work with a vast amount of companies: retail, grocer, music, real estate industry to increase their marketability by creating advertisements and strategies that bring light to their visions. With intensive industry research I am able to spot the latest trends. Forecasting, is a skill I pride myself on. 

TDS is here to provide growth with easy obtainable goals that will increase profitability. Doing this by understanding the audience you want and strategies to ensure you're advertising correctly. Tailor Digital services are here to TAILOR to your company and your vision. 

Personally, my aspirations are to continually grow with education, sustainability, health, and family. Aligning my health for myself and my family with lifestyle decisions that will impact our home. No matter what I have going on everything I do always resorts back to sustainability. Driving less, renting clothes, reusable anything, and living a life that is meant for me, and hopefully aligns well with you

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